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March 1, 2013 –

My dining room is cluttered, but shaping up:

Wedding and Family Camp 005

I recently got my copper molds hung and my shelves newly cleaned and arranged (though this corner definitely needs a light, and it is difficult to see what is arranged. The file box belongs elsewhere, but is necessary to some of my daily projects just now. Finally, the cabinets cluttering the foreground are washed, inspected, and ready to go to the attic, to my slowly-developing craft area. (I need Will’s help to move them. Things are generally cheerful, if very cluttered, and I feel that definite progress has been made.

Wedding and Family Camp 006

This shelf is made from a piano top, and bears the makers inscription in gold lettering on the underside. (Will’s mother is a piano technician, and he grew up seeing and thinking of all kinds of uses for piano parts. Lead key weights make excellent sling-shot missiles, for instance.)

Well, the place looks like our lives – too full, but creative and well-loved.

October 15, 2013 –

Will and I finally got in agreement on how and where to install a main heating stove in the upstairs. This stove is the Gatling 45, or Colorado 45, model which we had had for a time in the basement in our previous house.

Nov10-Jan21 2014 093

We had considered the idea of putting this in the living room, and running the pipe through the attic nook…but ultimately decided that it would serve more and better purposes in the dining room. So I moved my desk and display shelf into the living room, and made way for the stove.

K-10 the German Shepherd enjoys the radiant warmth, as does everyone else who lives here. This stove is a good, efficient model, which will burn a variety of woods, in scrap lumber or logs, well and warmly. It has enough of a platform on top to be able to cook things, and we frequently use it instead of the official cookstove in the kitchen. Making coffee, cooking roasts, and even baking fry-pan biscuits is pleasant on this stove.

Breakfast can now be taken in usually comfortable temperatures, and formal school times are much nicer, too.

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