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Entryway Cleaned Up First Time, Farm House - September 2009


Here is the farm house entry way after it’s first cleaning and mopping. Will and I took a deep breath and plunged in – wearing work gloves – to remove the mouse-mess-infested, ever-smelly mountain of trash in the corner. In this pile we found many surprises.

I had assumed, at first, that this pile was primarily camping gear and miscellaneous belongings of the old woman’s grown son, from his occasional stays here throughout the years. It appeared as if he liked hunting and camping, and had used this house as his local headquarters while on vacation.

But the top layer was deceiving. Underneath the camping gear, we found everything from boxes of unused note cards (mouse-infested), to rotten oranges, to used toilet paper (no joke).

After carrying everything out to our pickup box trailer to haul it to our big dumpster in town, I mopped and disinfected the unfinished floor with a solution of white vinegar infused with lavender buds and orange peel. This solution will kill viruses and bacteria, and left a noticeably pleasant scent.

Since this photograph, the entry way has again been filled with trash to be hauled away or burned, but, overall, it’s still progress.

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