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Edward dreams he is home again.

Edward dreams he is home again.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, by Kate DiCamillo, is a story about love. It is unusual in that it focuses on a large, china rabbit – a china rabbit with feelings and thoughts, and velvet suits…but who is so full of himself that he finds those who love him a bore. After a long, difficult, sometimes painful journey, he learns to love, and be loved. He learns from an old fisherman and his wife; from a hobo and his dog, Lucy; and from a homeless boy and his little, sick sister. At last, he winds up in the arms of a little girl, very much like the one who loved him originally, and he loves her back, without regret.

If you love already, it will inspire you to greater depths of care for others. If you do not love, it may inspire you to start. At the least, you and your little ones will enjoy its well-penned prose and lovely, true-to-life pictures, and it will be a constant reminder of beauty and truth. Its presence in your home will add a spot of light to a bookshelf.

Click here for a fuller review of the story. Click here to see a copy for puchase.


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