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March 1, 2013 –

Wedding and Family Camp 019  Wedding and Family Camp 017

Though this room is a heap better than it was last year, in that the floor is not torn up by moisture, the ceiling has a temporary patch on it where rainwater ran through, and it is not full of junk…it still has a long ways to go. Clutter is the main problem, and the one I am having the hardest time knowing how to fix. This room, naturally, has become a catch-all for anything I don’t know what to do with, but don’t want to throw away. This means that the closet is full of craft materials and projects for Someday, the desk is full of unsorted stacks of paper in several categories, and the table in the middle is where I put things when I’m in a hurry (which is most of the time). (That tall fluff of feathers are peacock plumes, which the kids’ picked up out of the yard of an acquaintance who raises peafowl.)

But…the tall cabinet is orderly with children’s craft supplies, games, and jigsaw puzzles, and this makes holiday mess-making and school crafts go smoother.

Doll House, Back Room - August 2014


My dollhouse is another project which is awaiting my attention.


August 5, 2014 –

At last, I have had the proper motivation to deal with my back room. Friends came to visit for two weeks, and I needed a guest room. Wow, what a workout! This room is now far from perfect, but is certainly more pleasant now.

Aug2-Aug9, 2014 375  Aug2-Aug9, 2014 374

The table in the middle of the room is gone – moved to the attic, where eventually, I hope to use it as a secondary study area, and a place to work on crafts. The card table in the second picture was given to us by a friend.

Aug2-Aug9, 2014 372  Aug2-Aug9, 2014 373

My bookshelves are properly organized and cared for, and my horse equipment (I lack a tack room, and a horse just now) is all together and protected. Desk piles and files are divided according to subject, though not everything has a home yet. Beneath the desk is a laundry basket full of odds and ends for sewing, such as old jeans to cut into quilt blocks. Slow and steady may not win the race, but it eventually gets me to my destination.Aug2-Aug9, 2014 371  Aug2-Aug9, 2014 370

I have developed work stations for my various projects – though I don’t work directly in this room much, as it is still not insulated. Rock cutting, for instance. I have wanted to learn this skill for four years, and at last have my opportunity. So my rock-cutting mentor sent me home with a handful of so-so sapphires and a machine, and said, “Have fun! And you will.” And he’s right, though learning something new is always nerve-wracking for me. Good light – in this case strong sunlight – is a need for cutting rocks, so this is an ideal situation, though not an ideal set-up for the machine.

Then, behind the rock cutting machine is a small desk I keep for organizing information I plan to use to further my own soul – quotes I want to take down or apply, and my journals. I have my work planned out for me in manageable bites, with my Quotes Journals lined up in chronological order on their own shelf, except for one I’m working on, which is accessible on a different decorative shelf with my current Quotes Journal.

Aug2-Aug9, 2014 368

My file cabinets are 90% re-organized and culled – a real victory, as this had not been undertaken in over seven years. I’m still working on that abhorrent crafts closet. My dollhouse has been improved and made attractive. (That’s in a different post.)

Aug2-Aug9, 2014 369


Beneath my dollhouse, I have room to store some children’s books that the kids don’t much appreciate, but I do – an extensive collection of fairy-tales, for instance.

Lastly, I have quotes on child training where I’ll see them often…

Aug2-Aug9, 2014 376  Aug2-Aug9, 2014 377

…plus pictures of people I have compassion for, taped up where I’ll notice them, but still in private area where no one else is likely to notice. (Explanations of one’s soul can be bothersome.)

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Random#20 011

Today we took a stroll along the South Platte River.  The weather was warm, but not blazing…hot enough to give the kids sunburns and make wading in the water a welcome relief. K-10 the German Shepherd managed to burn his paws on the sand toward the last.

The water level has gone down drastically since two weeks ago. Above is the same bridge and willow stand which Will and I had hauled or boat around on July 4th. We had had trouble with the current then.

Random#20 010

Here, high and dry, is a bunch of trees we had almost got swept into. They hardly look like the same bunch.

Random#20 009

Once down in the water (watching all the while for broken beer bottles near naked feet), the fun began. There were thousands of baby toads, swimming and jumping, and schools of tiny fish. We saw no fish larger than two inches…no yard-long carp, though they are here somewhere.

Random#20 014

Neither the children nor K-10 knew what to expect, and K-10 tried to catch and eat moss, crawdads, and trash.

Random#20 016

Tyger soon became confident to knock herself down in her play, reminding me of Laura Ingalls getting dunked by her pa at Plum Creek. She scrambled right up again, looking shocked but not unhappy.

Random#20 024

She and Billy both decided that stalking minnows was a good game.

Random#20 022

Yea, slime…

Random#20 043

…and crawdad claws. By the time we were through, Billy had pocketfuls in all crawdad colors.

Random#20 032

Will kept on the lookout for arrowheads, other Indian items, and gold. This is rather far down from the mountains for such a thing as gold, but you never know. Precious stones have been found here before.

Random#20 054

Hundreds of dragonflies, damselflies, and similar insects zoomed about like barnstormers over the reeds, pairing up and dancing and separating again…dancing, dancing.

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